Marine Conservation Skype link-up

  1. An introductory sentence on who you linked up with. Hyperlink the Australian Marine Conservation Society to your sentence.            Today we had a video confernce with a woman called Sam from the Australian Marine Conservation Society.
  2. List at least three things you learnt in dot or numerated points.  1) That you can see the reef from space    2) There are over 120 species of sharks in the reef     3) 7 of the worlds 8 sea turtles are in this reef
  3. Name the most interesting part of the presentation for you.  The pictures were interesting
  4. What question do you still have?  None
  5. Would you recommend this session to other students? Why or why not? Give it a rating our of 10. yes because it was interesting, 7-10
  6. What would help improve this session further? Explain more about the shark finning
  7. Is this a more interesting way to learn about the Reef than reading a textbook? Why? Yes it is because textbooks are boring


Great Barrier Reef

  1. 5 websites about the Great Barrier Reef                          -                                           – -                                                                                  -                             -
  2. 4 images that are copyright free and ok for reuse, save in your folder
  3. 3 interest groups for the Great Barrier Reef-                  -Tourists                                                                                 -Queensland Government                                                  -Marnine Conservation Organisations
  4. 2 youtube videos, copy the links                                       -     -
  5. 1 pin on a Bing maps app go locate the Great Barrier Reef       Capture